V Line Face: How to get the desired V-shape?

V Line Face: How to get the desired V-shape?

In Asian countries, the V-line face and chin are one of the most desirable beauty goals. It’s seen as feminine and a lot of women go to great lengths to reach this pinnacle of beauty. If you’re after the V-line face and are not one of the people lucky enough to have the genetics for it, then keep reading. This article is all about how to get the desired V-shape.

Why strive for a V-line face?

One of the main reasons that women strive for a v-line face is that signifies femininity in Eastern culture. The innocent and youthful look that this face shape gives off is seen as a must-have for all women. It all started in South Korea but has since spread all over Asia and various surgeries, as well as natural treatments, are in high demand.

How to get a v-shaped jaw

Diagnose Face Structure

Some may be lucky enough to already have the right genes for this, and simple weight loss programmes combined with natural exercises and treatments can do the trick. These can be effective at making small changes, but generally, don’t work for people who don’t already have the correct genes for this. If you’re reading this article, then this probably isn’t you!

If you don’t belong to that select group with an already defined jaw and chin, then the best option to achieve the V-shaped face is surgery. Oftentimes, the jawbones is what is causing the thickness in the jaw, and thus the wide-jaw look. Without surgery, the thickness of the jaw cannot be changed.

Surgery can help to remove some of this excess thickness of the jaw and helps to give you a much more feminine look.

Now for the chin…

Another important aspect of the V-Line face is the chin. The chin can be improved in much the same way as the jaw can and also requires surgery in most cases. A surgeon, explains Dr Seah from TES Clinic for Face & Jaw, will remove a centre part of the chin bone and bring the two sides together in order to create a narrower and more feminine chin.

By combining the operation on the jaw with making the chin narrower, you end up with a v-shaped face.

The operation and risks

It’s always best to find a well-experienced surgeon to perform the operation, as this mitigates a lot of the risks associated with it. Given the fact that the operation goes deep into your skin in order to remove parts of your jawbones, there’s a small risk of damage to nerves and veins or arteries in your face.

If these are damaged, then this could result in paralysis of certain facial muscles, or excessive bleeding during the operation. As with all operations, infection is also a common concern. All of this being said, if you go with an experienced surgeon, the risks are low. Many surgeries of this nature are carried out every day without complications.


Given the fact bone is removed from your body, it’s often necessary to stay in the hospital overnight after completing the surgery. This ensures you’re well taken care of and experience the least discomfort possible after returning from surgery.

You will likely feel pain the first few days after the surgery, but this is often treated with painkillers. Applying ice to the jaw will also help to reduce pain and swelling in the area, and this is often advised from the moment you return from the operation.

Full recovery can take multiple weeks, but the stitches can usually be removed after one or two weeks. You will also need to take care when eating or otherwise moving your jaw after the operation as movement may cause pain and it takes a while for you to get used to your new jaw.


V-line surgery cost

The costs for a procedure like this can vary a lot depending on the clinic you go to, the surgeon and your current facial structure. That being said, you can expect to spend anywhere in the range of $2500 to $10.000 on a V-line surgery.


If you’re wondering whether there are any good alternatives instead of surgery, then you may be in luck. Some people have seen minor results by using specially designed masks that mould your face into the correct shape. These tend to have minimal impact when compared to surgery, and they take a lot of work.

Facial liposuction or HIFU treatments can also help to eliminate some of the excess skin from around the chin. Even though these treatments can help immensely when it comes to getting a more youthful look, they don’t have the same results as surgery when it comes to getting that v-line jaw shape.

Alternatively, you could go with v-line injections or botox, each of which has seen drastically good results in many cases. Even though these treatments need regular maintenance, they have been proven very effective and are a lot less intrusive than surgery.


That elusive V-shaped face is highly cherished in Asian countries and is a sign of immense beauty. This youthful look can easily be achieved by way of surgery, or slightly less intrusive procedures like Botox or injections.

We hope that after reading this article you’re better informed about your options for achieving this v-line shape and are in a better position to choose a procedure that’s right for you! For even more information and consultation, I'll leave Dr Seah's contact information below.

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