Singapore Travel Guide: Popular Places to Visit

Singapore Travel Guide: Popular Places to Visit

Singapore is a place where old and new are woven together in an endless thread. Historical buildings versus modern architectural wonders. Beautiful natural landmarks and dense vegetation versus exquisite shopping malls. Despite the constant juxtaposition - or maybe because of it - the city-state has this charming appeal you can’t ignore. We have to admit it, for its petite size, it offers a remarkable selection of sights that take days to explore. Although tastes vary greatly, there are several must-see areas demanding your attention. Join us for a tour of some of the most popular places to visit in Singapore. Don’t forget to add them to your list of tourist attractions to make your stay in this piece of Asian heaven unforgettable. You’ll thank us later.

Singapore Botanic Gardens

If you are wondering how such an expansive park was erected straight in the heart of the shopping district in Singapore, here is your answer. The gardens were opened back in 1859. Another way to put it, this is one of the oldest green spaces the country has had. It is also the first to be nominated for a UNESCO’s World Heritage Site. Stretched across a territory of 82,000 hectares, this place is abundant in plants.

To express it in numbers, over 10,000 species are out on display, including a selection of rare orchids, ancient trees, ginger garden, and rainforest. There even are several lakes where you can relax and marvel at the gorgeousness you are surrounded with. And if you happen to go to Eco Lake, you will enjoy the lovely company of the black swans that inhabit the area.

If this isn’t enough of visual excitement, head to the Walk of Giants. It is a long boardwalk that juts out 8 metres from the ground, letting you take a closer look at the gigantic trees. Being 260 metres long, it meanders around climbers, epiphytes, palms and whatnot.

Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay

So, if the botanical gardens didn’t quite satiate your thirst for lush greenery - although that’s hard to believe - don’t lose heart. Instead, take some time in your schedule to visit Gardens by the Bay. This is a fanciful parade of futuristic structures within reach of Marina Bay Sands.

It offers a wide diversity of plant life, towering vertical gardens, flower domes, art sculptures, and cloud forests. One of the main structures are the supertrees, which can be peeked at from different locations around the city-state.

This place takes pride in its 1,500,000 plants and more than 50 million visits to date. If you are determined to see everything, expect aching feet.

And that’s not all. Gardens by the Bay organises a plethora of events and activities for all tastes. You will rub your eyes in dismay watching a colourful flower dance. Plants hanging from the ceiling will move in a slender choreography. And that’s just part of it. All in all, there is plenty to explore and get excited about.

Marina Bay Sands

Now, if you prefer the city’s hustle and bustle, this place is for you. Saying that Marina Bay Sands is a hotel is a major understatement. There is more to it than an accommodation venue, and the word opulent doesn’t even begin to describe it. It is a massive establishment built over 929,000 square metres, combining theatres, casino, dining facilities, shopping centres, and ample green space into one urban structure. The idea behind it is to create a buzzing public thoroughfare. A place where everyone would die to meet for coffee, chitchat, walk or to just enjoy a wide array of indoor and outdoor activities provided daily.

It comprises three main towers that house 2,560 hotel rooms, among other things. They are connected at the top in a structure resembling a boat and boasting the largest rooftop on a global scale.

The pool is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It brings swimming and sunbathing on another level. If you are not a guest of the hotel, you aren’t allowed in the water, but you can still enjoy sipping a cocktail or biting on snacks. The best thing is, Marina Bay Sands protrudes some 200 metres above the ground, offering nothing short of spectacular views. For the most memorable photos, drag yourself to the Observation Deck. It lets you gaze at other tourist attractions in Singapore from a bird’s eye view.

Singapore Flyer

Singapore Flyer

If the panoramic deck at Marina Bay Sands is not satisfactory enough, try the Singapore Flyer. Sitting comfortably in the passenger capsule on one of the tallest Ferris wheels on earth will get your adrenalin going. Your jaw will drop every time you glance at faraway areas. It is positioned so high above the ground - 165 metres to be exact - that it enables you to catch a glimpse of some Indonesian islands and Malaysia. Sounds like you are getting more than what you’ve bargained for.

Singapore Flyer came into fruition in 2008 and has since provided an unforgettable 30-minute experience for each passenger. The capsule has an interactive element that helps you explore iconic landmarks, cultural and historical facts about the city. Your 360° journey will be enhanced with views over Merlion Park, Raffles Place, Marina Bay Sands and Singapore River. And if you look towards the ocean, you get the chance to watch ships sail away. Magnifique.

Singapore Art Museum

The museum is domiciled in two buildings, the main one and a close-by extension. They are 88 steps away from one another, showcasing a range of wall-bound installations, portraits, scrolls, and painted panels. The public displays change once every few months, but the museum exhibits permanent masterpieces too. One such example is SAM’s collection. Even though it is mostly fixated on Southeast Asian pieces, some themes encompass Japan, India, China and Korea.

A lot of these exhibitions return every year in the form of series. For instance, there is an annual installation called Imaginarium, which is designed for families and children.

What is more, the place makes school visits and workshops available for kids from 3 to 12 years of age. The programme encourages them to solve puzzles, create their own paintings and other things, and examine various works.

Going from hall to hall, you will find that spending several hours on this is not a realistic timeframe to complete your tour. Keep that in mind when booking your tickets and pick your times carefully. It is a good idea to check out their website upfront in case of building redevelopment.

Orchard Road

For shopping addicts, Singapore offers world-class designer and style venues tucked away at the famous Orchard Road. It’s difficult to get bored here. With six department stores and 22 malls to raid, there is no time to waste.

As trained as you are in walking long distances, two hands busy with bags, shopping sprees can be tiring. When you do feel like sitting down and indulging in delectable treats, you will stumble upon oodles of eateries nearby that serve what you’re looking for.