Invisalign Alternatives in Singapore: Comparison & Cost

Invisalign Alternatives in Singapore: Comparison & Cost

Although Invisalign is currently one of the best techniques of straightening the teeth, it is also the most expensive. Some Singaporeans are appalled by the price and naturally, they go looking for additional possibilities that are less harsh on the budget. It turns out the technologies are evolving so fast, there are now several Invisalign alternatives that are worth exploring and that may end up being your new favourite dental brand. Check out what options we found after digging in. And be aware that you should take very good care of your teeth while wearing ANY kind of Invisalign, for that, you can use.

There is also a complete guide written by the dentist about Invisalign on famous Health Portal Ubiqi here about Invisalign in Singapore cost/price pros and cons, basically, it's a complete guide.


What is it?

This is an interesting way of obtaining a set of aligners. The whole process is executed remotely and customers don’t need to line up at the doctor’s office to get checked up. Basically, they have to get a 3D scan of their mouths and pass it onto a dental professional at SmileDirectClub.

There are two ways to go about this. The first one is to visit any of the SmileShop establishments in your area and let the specialists get the job done for you. The second is to use an at-home kit that contains all of the tools to create an impression of your smile all by yourself. For this reason, you won’t see dentists swearing by this brand - it basically bypasses them.

How do I get a kit?

For the purpose, you ought to request one to be delivered right to your door. You will receive a tray, two different types of putty, and a pair of gloves. Before you get started, familiarise yourself with the instructions listed in the booklet. Then test the tray to ensure that it fits your mouth well. If it is not the right size, you are going to have to call the company.

If everything is okay, put your gloves on, quickly mix all the putty together, and then spread it evenly across the tray - keep in mind that you have one minute to accomplish the task before the material sets. Now, place the tray in your mouth, fixing it carefully on your teeth. Push it gently and evenly for 3.5 minutes.

Do the same for each tray you have in the box - that is a total of four times. When you are done, put everything back in the box and mail it back. Remember to take a picture of your teeth as directed in the booklet (you will need it to compare your smile after the treatment is over).

The doctor then figures out what is the right way to map out the treatment based on the mould they received coupled with the images. When your mouthpieces are ready, they will be shipped to your address immediately.

How much does it cost?

These teeth aligners run $1,895 if you want to pay the entire sum in one go. If you prefer to set monthly payments, the final amount will total $2,290, with a tenure of two years. An initial deposit of $250 will be required and from there each instalment will be $85 per month. You don’t have to fill out any forms or give away your credit card numbers. The price does not include the impression kit or the retainers.

How does it compare to Invisalign?

The biggest difference between these two products is how you get your teeth evaluated. If you do the at-home kit assessment of your teeth, there is always the risk of getting it all wrong. You will be sent another kit and asked to repeat the procedure, which will essentially take more time than what you’d hope for. Plus, it will become more costly. In terms of quality, a number of reviewers comment that they are content with how their smile turned out using SmileDirectClub.

Ormco Aligners

What is it?

Those are invisible mouthpieces that work pretty much in the same way as Invisalign. The company uses its special Spark™ Aligner System which gives dentists more control over the entire process. They can create a simulated image of how the treatment will take place and then compare the initial condition with the expected outcome with the help of a side-by-side visualization. A 3D design provides a detailed view of patients’ teeth and helps to create the most suitable treatment option.

The material used to mould the aligners comprises the latest innovation available on the market today. It was meant to add better retention and higher sustained force to the product and also make it more clear so that it is not visible at all.

There is a special feature that you will probably find nowhere else and that is the self-check you can carry out halfway through the treatment to see whether you need to make any modifications to the mouthpieces. It’s called Heat N Bite.

How do I get myself a set of Ormco aligners?

Visit a dental clinic that partners with Ormco and get your smile assessed. Your orthodontist will do a 3D scan of your teeth, creating a plan based on the results. The system will evaluate all of the parameters needed to mold mouthpieces that will fit perfectly your jaw.

Once the product is ready, you will receive a set of different aligners for each and every month throughout the treatment course. Basically, you will have to wear a new pair every week.

How much does it cost?

Of all Invisalign alternatives, this one may seem the most pricey, however, whether you will be on the higher or the lower end of the cost spectrum depends on the intensity of your malocclusion and the system you go with. Some of them start at as low as $600, but others go upwards of $5,000.

How does it compare to Invisalign aligners?

According to the manufacturer, the mouthpieces don’t get stained and they are also smoother, having cut-outs at the labial and lingual surfaces. This means no ridges and better comfort.

Invisalign alternative


What is it?

Here is another Invisalign alternative that is made of a clear plastic material and is available to both teenagers and adults. It is available to dentists who are authorized to offer them to their patients. Hence, to get yourself a pair, you need to go to your orthodontist or someone who you know partners with the brand. They will take radiographs, photographs, and impressions of your teeth and send them to the ClearCorrect laboratory.

They will run a 3D model of your smile and craft a plan that will reveal the entire process of realignment. If you approve of the program, they will map and mold the mouthpieces for you.

Overall, there are four phases of the treatment, each comprising a three-week interval. Throughout this time the patient has to wear a new set of aligners.

ClearCorrect can help with the following malocclusions:

  • Overbites
  • Crowded teeth
  • Crooked teeth
  • Underbites
  • Teeth that have lots of spacing in between

How much does it cost?

On average, a single treatment runs between $2,500 and $3,500. That being said, it may get even more expensive - up to $5,500 - if your case is more complex.

How does it compare to Invisalign?

The trays are manufactured periodically rather than all at once, which improves the way they fit. Hence, the entire alignment process is less painful. By contrast, Invisalign users tend to complain about painful fitting because all of the aligners are fabricated at once. In addition, patients comment that ClearCorrect tend to be thinner and therefore more difficult to notice. However, because of that, they are less sturdy, which can mess with the end result.


What is it?

It works in the same way as SmileDirectClub - you can take impressions of your teeth at home using the specialized kit they will send you upon request (and payment). The materials come with instructions so you know what to do every step of the way. When you are ready, all you have to do is mail it back to the address indicated on the box.

Your impressions will be evaluated which will help to see whether you are a suitable candidate for SmileLove. If you are, you will receive a preview of how your teeth will look when they are finally straightened out and if you fancy the prospective results, you can order the trays.

As an added bonus, once you finish the treatment, you will be sent a premium whitening kit plus a set of retainers for free.

If you don’t like what you see or you are simply not eligible for this treatment, the company will refund you the price of the kit and you can move forward to something else.

How much does it cost?

If you are willing to pay outright, that will be $1,420 in total but monthly payments are also available, starting at $78. This is about 70% less than Invisalign cost in Singapore.

How does it compare to Invisalign?

The aligners of SmileLove are thinner; in fact, they are the thinnest and most transparent there are. Yet, that means they may not create such fascinating results as Invisalign or other clear aligners.

Takeaway on Invisalign Alternatives

All of these brands can be a better and cheaper method of straightening your teeth given that your case is not too complex. For more serious malocclusions, the results will vary and may not be as desired. The reason for this is that none of these companies has the fine-tuning system of Invisalign. The latter is an additional technology that connects with the trays ensuring a more accurate alignment process.

Like everything else, these alternatives come with risks. You should be prepared to face some challenges too. For instance, it will take time before you get used to the aligners and, for some, the first days will feel like torture.

So, no matter which option you stick with, you should know it is not going to be easy at the beginning but it will gradually get better with time.