Emergence of Doctor Appointment Apps: Find a Doctor Stat with Just a Click of Your Fingertips

Emergence of Doctor Appointment Apps: Find a Doctor Stat with Just a Click of Your Fingertips

Waiting. If we come to look closer at our lives, we can say that a huge chunk of our daily activities involves waiting. Waiting in line for the bus, waiting inside the car while in traffic, waiting for food to be served - the list of what we wait for could go on. But, when it comes to our health, how long should we wait to get medical attention?

A report given by Singapore’s Ministry of Health (MOH) back in 2017 showed that the longest waiting time to see a polyclinic doctor took an hour and a half. Patients that were surveyed about what important improvements were needed when it comes to Singapore’s healthcare services mentioned “waiting time” as one of the top areas that should be focused on.

Longer waiting times can put a patient’s health at high risk, especially when the concern needs immediate attention.

Fortunately, the technology these days is able to provide solutions to shorten waiting periods and even make services available directly at people’s homes. These are made possible by different mobile applications offering various services that are downloadable from the web. With just one click, you can have instant communication, instant formation, instant food, instant home service, etc. -  done without having to step out of the house. No wonder today’s generation is called the “instant generation.” Other people may find some negative implications about this “world of instants” relating to behaviour, but when it comes to healthcare services, it just may be the opposite.

Doctor Appointment Apps: Your Quick Access to Doctors

Healthcare technology continues to improve in recent years. More and more innovative apps are being launched in order to improve people’s quality of life. One of the latest apps that are gaining a fast following is doctor appointment apps like Singapore Speedoc app. These mobile applications enable a patient to gain access to medical services and professionals quickly and at their own convenience. These applications bring several benefits:

1. Quick and easy access to several medical professionals and providers

Doctor appointment apps partner with various medical practitioners within the country. A quick search in the application can lead you to the nearest specialist that can address your health concerns.  Expect a doctor on-demand to arrive right at your doorstep within an hour.

2. No more waiting inline

Doctor apps make it easier for patients to book appointments. With just a click of your fingertip, you can schedule your appointment on a date and time that you prefer. Gone are the days when you need to line up and register personally in clinics just to get a doctor’s consultation.

3. Have a doctor visit you at home

If you are too ill to even get up and travel to a clinic to get a medical checkup, do not stress out! Doctor apps make it possible for you to request for a doctor to visit you at home or wherever you are located. This feature is helpful especially when it comes to emergency cases.


4. Need a follow-up? Use the chatbox

Most, if not all, doctor apps have a built-in chat box that can be used by patients who need succeeding consultations after a home visit. This function enables individuals to communicate with their doctors at ease and even send photos if needed. Your doctor can fully monitor your health’s progress virtually, which saves time and energy as compared to travelling to a clinic for a follow-up check-up.

5. Receive care 24/7

One challenge that patients usually face is travelling to a hospital or finding an open clinic for emergencies that happen during the wee hours of the morning. Doctor apps provide a solution for this dilemma by having partners that are on call 24/7. This means that no matter what time of the day it is, patients are able to reach out to a doctor in case of medical emergencies.

6. Get the same quality service at the comfort of your own home

Patients can rest assured that medical providers who partner with doctor apps are licensed and are highly skilled in performing their responsibilities. The same quality of service you receive in the clinic will be provided when your doctor visits your home.

7. Doctor apps have a user-friendly interface

Doctor apps are user-friendly.  Patients will have no problem in accessing and using the application. Likewise, an individual may book a doctor on behalf of another person. This is beneficial for the elderly as anyone who is looking after them that may be at a different location during the time of emergency can easily send a doctor to check on them.

8. Be stress-free

Imagine feeling under the weather and having to wait in line for long hours at a crowded reception. Chances are this scenario adds more misery on top of the illness that you carry. With doctor apps, you can avoid overcrowded places and sit comfortably at home while waiting for medical help to arrive.