Coolsculpting for Fat Freezing: The easiest and painless way to get rid of stubborn fats

Coolsculpting for Fat Freezing: The easiest and painless way to get rid of stubborn fats

A lot of people are being conscious about gaining weight. Not only does your self-confidence gets affected, but also your health is put at risk. You tried several weight loss methods—like customised diet plans and going to the gym, but did those work? The fact that your wanting to burn those fats off is still there and you landing on this page gives us the assumption that your sacrifice to scrimp on food and gym subscriptions have done little to nothing on your desire to get rid of unwanted fats.

One possible solution to this problem is undergoing a fat removal procedure. In Singapore, aesthetic doctors like Dr Lim MY and his clinic MY Medical Aesthetics located at 108 Middle Rd, #03-03/04 Bernhard Schulte House, offer a non-invasive fat removal procedure that can target a specific area where you want to remove fat. This procedure is called fat freezing and this uses CoolSculpting technology to dissolve excess fat tissues.

How does CoolSculpting for Fat Freezing Treatment work?

CoolSculpting for Fat Freezing Treatment is a non-surgical treatment that reduces the unwanted fats on the specific area of your body. It permanently reduces the number of stubborn fat cells by about 20 to 25%. It is unlike the typical weight-loss method like exercising that only makes the fat cells smaller. 

Fat freezing applies controlled cold temperatures at a specific target area of your body. It does not damage the skin and surrounding tissues; rather, it only targets the fat cells resulting in their breakdown. Then, the body will eliminate these unwanted fat cells naturally. Since the fat cells are being destroyed, the effects of fat freezing are long-term.

Commonly treated areas are:

  • Upper and lower abdomen
  • Arm
  • Inner and outer thighs
  • Lovehandles
  • Double chin
  • Back fat
  • Bra line

Expectations Before the Procedure?

The treatment is guaranteed to be safe, but a consultation with your doctor is needed. He or she will assess your desired body goals and determine which specific area of your body will be targeted for the treatment. You will also be advised how many sessions you will need. Consultation and assessment are very important before going through the procedure so that your desired body goal will be achieved.  

Your body needs to be evaluated, so expect a fat pinch test on the day of the procedure. Also, a picture of you will be taken for documentation and comparison purposes.

What will you feel during the procedure?

Fat Freezing Procedure

Coolsculpting is a non-invasive and non-surgical treatment. Expect that you will only feel a pulling or pinching feeling during the procedure. An applicator and gel pad will be used. These devices deliver controlled cooling to the target fat cells. The devices work to numb the target area temporarily. The numbing sensation subsides within 5 to 10 minutes.

The fat-freezing procedure may take 30 minutes to an hour. It does not require a day off from work to do the treatment. You can even do it on your lunch break since the procedure can be done in a short period. The size of the targeted area must also be considered; the bigger the size, the longer the time it requires. 

There is no downtime, so you can go back right away to your everyday activities. Side effects, such as swelling and redness, are normal. It will clear up within a week after the treatment.

Is it suitable for everybody?

This treatment is recommended for people who are in good health and want to reduce unwanted fats that cannot be eliminated by having a diet or doing exercise. Unfortunately, obese people are not good candidates because the procedure is limited to reducing fat cells that are specific to some areas of the body only. Still, it is safe to consult your doctor to ensure suitability

How long does it take to see results?

Results cannot be seen right after the treatment. It takes time for the body to eliminate the dead fat cells naturally. Some patients have noticed changes 3 weeks after the procedure, but mostly it will take 2 to 5 months to see the results.

Does it need multiple sessions?

The doctor will be able to advise if another session is needed depending on how your body responds to the first treatment. A repeat session may also be required depending on the amount of fat reduction needed. Generally, the recommended time between treatments is 8 to 12 weeks.

How long do the results last?

The fat cells that have been eliminated, of course, will not come back. However, eliminating fat cells will not stop the new cells from appearing in other parts of the body. A healthy lifestyle will help maintain the body’s figure after the treatment. 

Are fat freezing and weight loss the same?

No, they are not the same.

Fat freezing works to eliminate unwanted fats and remove the fat-producing cells from the body while losing weight just makes the fat cells smaller. 

How much does Coolsculpting for Fat Freezing cost?

Singapore dollar banknote

CoolSculpting for fat freezing treatment in Singapore costs about $500 to $700 per session. There may be an additional cost depending on the clinic and doctor, the number of sessions, and the type of treatment required for you.

Points to remember

Coolsculpting for Fat Freezing is one of the safest procedures to remove stubborn and unwanted fats in a specific area of your body. It saves you time, energy, and money. But always remember to consult your doctor first, especially you have medical conditions or medications taken to ensure your health’s safety.