Choosing Gynaecologist in Singapore: Recommendations

Choosing Gynaecologist in Singapore: Recommendations

Choosing a gynaecologist in Singapore, just like any other doctor, is a matter that should be taken seriously. Quality care is the cornerstone of a healthy body. Knowing that you are in good hands also gives you peace of mind and a feeling of security. There are plenty of factors to take into account when deciding on a particular OB-GYN, from how they make you feel, to how much experience they have dealing with certain problems. All in all, it is a complex matter that needs your full attention. To help you out, here is what you have to consider before settling on a professional medical, according to Dr Tan Poh Kok from PK Women's Specialist Clinic situated at 2, Tai Thong Crescent, #01-12. The Venue Shoppes.

Factors to consider when choosing your Gynaecologist in Singapore

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Credentials and Certification

A straightforward way to tell that a doctor has what it takes is to look at their credentials. It is where you get an insight into their experience, skills and training. When a practitioner acquires a higher educational degree or wins an accolade, they will make sure to put it on display. Why? Because they have worked for this for a long time and they are proud of their achievements.

You can find more information about your gynae in Singapore on the website of the hospital or clinic they work at. You might also want to look up their licences and certificates on the site of the Ministry of Health to ensure they are real.  


Having verified that the physician you picked is registered to practise medicine in Singapore, it is time to inspect where they stand among the competition. A good place to start is to check where they are currently employed. The more prestigious the medical centre, the higher standards they have. Next up, try to obtain as much info about their experience with complications and other issues.

Last but not least, ask around. What do previous patients have to say about the doctor of your choosing? Someone you know might have interacted with them in the past. What is their opinion on the matter? Ask for referrals from friends but don’t feel obliged to listen to their advice.


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Some women refuse to go to male OB-GYNs and would only visit female ones. For others, gender is not so important as long as the specialist is good and professional. If you are not sure about your own preferences, you will probably want to look around before you make a decision. Observe how each person makes you feel and let that be your guide. Once you have settled on someone, don’t be afraid to change your mind again if they no longer come up to your expectations.


The way your gynaecologist treats you will influence your relationship. When a professional fails to make you feel comfortable, it leads to frustration and poor interaction. It is important to stick with someone responsive and approachable. They should be open to discussing all kinds of health questions that you have.

If you are intimidated by the doctor, you will not be okay with sharing your medical concerns. And keeping information from them might result in misinterpretation of the symptoms, not to mention incorrect diagnosis. What is worse, if your trips to the doctor’s office always bring back bad memories, you are likely to stop going there altogether.


It is a wise idea to learn what your professional medical thinks about different matters. Take for instance natural delivery vs C-section (especially if they are an obstetrician). You will want to stick with someone who is not opposed to the methods and techniques you favour. Otherwise, you will find yourself struggling between what you want and what the specialist prefers.

Communication Skills

Choosing a gynaecologist that knows how to ease your anxiety and address your concerns is crucial. They need to be able to interact with you in a calm and simple manner. Make sure to pick someone whose answers you can understand. If they always use complicated medical terms without translating their meaning in plain language, there is a risk of misapprehension. This will invite tension and confusion that can cause more problems in the future.


The best gynaecologists in Singapore are usually the busiest. This means they are often booked far in advance. The downside to this is they can’t devote to what they are doing because there is another appointment coming. And then another one. Opt for doctors with fewer arrangements that space them adequately apart in a day. This allows them to allocate enough time for each patient, i.e. for you. Also, make it a point to ask whether they are available in emergencies in case you have one someday.

Cost of Your Gynaecologist in Singapore

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And finally, consider the fees. If you are not insured, check out the physician’s cost and see how that can affect your budget. If you do have an insurance plan, ensure that the specialist you’ve selected is covered.

Taking into account the above factors can help you find the best gynae in Singapore according to your criteria. Just remember that it takes time and a certain amount of visits before you come across the right one. Keep looking until you succeed!